Dear Neighbors

"As an Assemblyman and member of the Economic Forum, I have worked on Nevada’s budget, understand our finances and know what needs to be done to improve our economy. Our state faces many long term challenges. I ask for the opportunity to bring my vision, leadership and experience to the important Constitution office State Treasurer so we can work together to improve our communities.” – Andrew Martin


Andrew's Vision

To engage community leaders and business owners in robust discussions about the financial health and future prospects of Nevada we can create a connection between the work of the Treasurer’s office and the needs of the state.

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About Andrew

Andrew Martin’s career as a Certified Public Accountant spans over 32 years, building a company that provides accounting and tax services to a diverse group of business and governmental clients. His extensive professional experience makes him uniquely qualified to be a financial guardian of Nevada’s tax-dollars.

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Andrew Martin will

Manage funds wisely

Be the most diligent custodian of the state’s money, holding everyone accountable that funds are spent wisely and not wastefully, and ensuring funds are managed, monitored and invested prudently.

Forge meaningful dialogue

Work collaboratively with other elected officials and community leaders to forge a meaningful dialogue on how to best solve long term fiscal challenges in our state, starting with education funding.

Actively promote college scholarship funds

Be active in the community promoting college scholarship funds and importance of graduating and attending college, career and technical schools or apprenticeship and training programs.

Lend financial expertise to community challenges

Be a resource to citizens and elected officials to lend his extensive financial and business expertise to assist in developing creative solutions to the challenges in your particular community.


Contact Me

I encourage you to reach out to me personally and let me know your thoughts and concerns by sending an email with your contact information to or calling me directly at 702-994-1926.

Phone: 702-994-1926

Office: 7345 S. Durango Drive Suite B107-319
Las Vegas, NV 89113